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At CARAZCOM we're happy to offer any part of our services that you might need. Feel free to contact us with any communications requests you have.


Here's some services we offer:


  • Public Relations
  • Social Pressers
  • Media Distribution

  • Press Trips

  • VIP Handling

  • ​Project Management

  • Web Design

  • Web Mastering


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In the past, it used to be enough to simply brand your product. For years, corporations like McDonalds relied on the 'golden arches'. They would put up a sign, and lo and behold - people would follow their way to a Big Mac. Interestingly, even the brightest beacon in the sky started to fade. The arches lost the luster and became two-dimensional. All the while, new and developing baby brands started to enter the marketplace - they did things differently, had different products to offer. The new players were more three-dimensional...

The concept of building a brand is all the buzz in the industry. Communications and marketing professionals in all streams of media are on board with the fact that a brand comes with a story, it's time to tell your story. Create an opportunity to go beyond connecting and offer context for building a relationship.

As the traditional industry of marketing and communications faces the addition of tools social media, it finds the need to be adaptable. Some players are beginning to fade and other players are offering a complete product to meet the current needs of a multi-dimensional client and community it services.

Broadcasting your brand with the use of multiple platforms is how your person, place or product meets its next opportunity for community engagement. A full service branding, communications and media agency in the here and now will be able to offer its community a world of endless opportunity. Endless opportunity to engage and connect with the community it provides for.

While some are still lost in the past, others are trying to get a handle on the present - but a few are planning for the future. If you listen closely, you will start to hear the terms ~ things like social television and branded entertainment.

A brand communications & media agency of today will respect the past, understand the present and have a vision for the future. Frankly, humanity's rapid growth in the use of technology and it's tools demand it.

The 'golden arches' can still be spotted, you can still get a Big Mac, but now you can pair that with a salad, or perhaps even a fruit smoothie, if you like. Change is a wonderful thing. It offers opportunity for enhancement and growth. Innovation and evolution are things to be embraced.