Then there are the Breakfasts, the Luncheons, the Dinners, the Special Events, the Galas...

Honestly, the best part of "P""R" is the Parties and the Relationships. The gamefication and experience is the most important single factor in connecting with your outer circle. Networking is always key in our Projects at Carazcom.

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Carazcom takes education and lifelong learning very seriously because a lack of intellectual maintenance leads to an inferior product. Attending AGM's, Courses, Conferences, Seminars, Symposiums, Private Tours, Media Festivals, Film Festivals, Forums, Sessions, Workshops, Shows, Events and Exhibitons, covering Arts, Entertainment, Music, Media, Film Making, Public Policy, Internet Policy, Public Speaking, Security, Senate Reform, Women in Energy, Energy, Oil, China, Free Trade, Leadership and Writing allows us to grow our knowledge on a daily basis.

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There you will find Articles and Social Pressers from the past few years, covering topics from Arts & Entertainment to Politics and everything in between. It is an example of the dynamic range of Projects Carazcom is able to Manage. Caraz Comment was top 5 Nominee for the Canadian Web Blog Awards in 2012. Caraz Comment is often picked up and distributed by online daily's globally.

​With 35+ years as Talent for Arts & Entertainment, Carazcom founder Cara Azevedo often finds herself on the other side of the camera on set supporting the stars. Recently, Cara has been represented by the Ten48 Inc. Talent Agency. She has valuable experience that supports relationship building and brings opportunity and understanding of Carazcom's clientele to the world of communication and influence. 

Projects and management

35+ years of passion in Communications translates into a life time of learning.
Below are just a few highlights of Carazcom's projects over the past few years. 

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