Shining the Light

on your Business 

Public Relations

Are multi-dimensional tool that brings you, your product, and your place into the community with opportunity for engagement. Whether it's a multi-tiered strategy for the long haul or a single event, we have the experience to bring attention to your passion.

Social Pressers

Have been successfully received by both traditional and social media. They are an extremely effective tool when sharing your message with the people. With the use of live links and video we are able to tell a complete story that harmonizes all your media -  including your website, Facebook and Twitter, just to name a few. The opportunities are endless.

Media Distribution

Is essential when connecting with the masses. In the past we employed the use of traditional email distribution, however with the changes in anti-spam legislation, we now have a complete distribution partner that helps manage a massive email data base that has been organically built over the past 20+ years. We have always employed a complete social media syndication strategy. 


Press Trips

Are critical in connecting with your community. Real time story telling with the use of photo and video helps to bring your audience into your 'virtual store'. Sharing your assets regularly will help build relationships with your brand.

VIP Handling

Has always been a large part of what we do. Our extensive history and experience in Film & Television, Arts & Entertainment, Media & Broadcast, Politics, and Sports has provided us the chance to personally assist, manage, serve and some cases protect the worlds finest. We maintain a corporate partnership with professional security agency Convoy WW.

Web Design

Includes the technical abilities and knowledge base to bring your vision to life. Beyond that, our designers are able to work with you in finding a focus for your brand that your audience will identify with and ultimately integrate into their lifestyle.

Web Mastering

Beyond the original design is the management of all web assets including emails, hosting and SEO, to name a few. Regular site updates satisfy the frequent fanatic of your Brand. With the importance of tools such as online monetization, booking and information sharing growing, it is vital to have an adaptable website.


From long term projects to single special events, all projects require research, development and an action plan to find success in the short and long term. 27 years of management brings experience that translates into excellence. We have a keen understanding of the dynamics that make for effective Management. 

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